Recipe: Zoodles

Hey guys! Today, I am sharing what we had for dinner tonight and that is “Zoodles.” Zucchini noodles that is if your a newbie. When we do whole30 we always want spaghetti or pasta and can’t have it so replacing the pasta with zucchini noodles does the trick for us. We actually really enjoy them! Think of your regular pasta dish instead of it’s not heavy instead it’s light and refreshing.

I am sure there are a lot of ways to make them but I kind of just made up my own and it works for us! Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy 🙂


•1 package or fresh/frozen ground turkey

•1 package of pre-cut Zoodles from fresh thyme or your choice of grocery store (you can always cut them yourself also)

•1 and a half jars of your choice marinara or pasta sauce. Tonight I used fresh thyme’s organic marinara but most of the time I use Rao’s brand

•minced garlic

•oregano & salt & pepper to taste

•avocado oil


•Cook your ground turkey in your sauce pan on the stove top

•In the same Pan, add in your Zoodles once the turkey is cooked thoroughly

•Add your sauce, minced garlic, and spices that’s it! One pot goodness

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