Home Decor: Kitchen Labels

Happy Monday & Happy May! Since we recently moved into our new home, one of the items I wanted to have made was labels throughout our house to organize with. The first area of the house I started with was the kitchen. I have a cricut machine and use to whip up fun projects all the time; however, a little boy takes a lot of my time these days and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My best friend Jordan, who lives in Chicago also has a cricut machine and is one heck of a crafty person. She is always looking for new projects and makes crafts for others and I knew this was a perfect job for her! She is so talented and made my kitchen labels for me! I love the font she found!! She also made me a door hanging piece as well, but that will come at a later post 🙂 If you ever need anything created such as labels for your house and need an expert to do it for you, Jordan is your gal. Thank you Jordan for making my kitchen labels! She is also aware that she has several more rooms to do in the house eventually haha!! 🙂

I love the look and idea of labels in the kitchen, pantry, closets, etc. I love that it keeps your house organized but also that everyone else knows where something goes and what it is, especially if you have guests. I love the idea of kid toy storage labels also which is something we will do soon as well. Jordan also made labels for our refrigerator! I love having this as well to keep us organized! I hope you enjoy this post as inspiration for your home and if you ever need labels made, I have your gal’s contact info 🙂

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