Recipe: Crockpot Salsa Chicken

Hi friends! If you want a very easy dinner recipe to pop in the crockpot and go, this is a must! This is such an easy dinner for everyone in the family. I hope you enjoy this for your next family meal around the table. Now, on to the recipe below!


•1 Large jar of your favorite salsa (I use the fresh thyme basic organic mild salsa )

•2 packages of boneless chicken breasts or strips

•1 can of corn or you can used 1 bag of frozen corn

• 1 packet of basic mild taco seasoning

•1 can of black beans


•First, put the raw chicken in your crock pot on high for 6 hours. This might be shorter or longer depending on how powerful your crock pot is. Then, dump the jar of salsa on the chicken & sprinkle/empty your taco seasoning packet in the crockpot with the salsa and chicken.

•Next, dump your can or bag of corn and your can of black beans (rinse and drain first) into the crockpot

•After all ingredients are in the crock pot give it a good stir and let it sit all day or night 6-8 hours.

•You will know your chicken is done when you can shred the chicken with two forks!

•That’s it! Super easy! I serve this with tortillas, tostadas, hard shell tacos, on lettuce as a shredded chicken taco bowl! The possibilities are endless! Add all the toppings and it’s so yummy! I hope you enjoy!

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