We moved!

Hi everyone! It’s been a couple months since my last blog post due to moving states and all the craziness lately we are finally settled in our new home! We moved from Tennessee to Indiana and closed on our house right in the middle of the coronavirus craziness. We are so thankful to be in our new home and I can’t wait to take you along with all of the decorating and new projects we have coming up!

I thought I would start by showing you the before and after of our mud room that I worked on this week. This is the only spot in the house where it’s going to be very heavily decorated and include a lot of signs. I want the idea for the rest of the house to serve purpose and be intentional about my pieces. I also want the house to be minimal and not overdone. Just a couple ideas I had coming into this new phase and new home for us. I hope you enjoy this content and look forward to showing you more 🙂 I this space can be a positive light in a dark world right now and I hope and pray I can deliver happy and positive messages here.

Thank you and enjoy 🙂 xo Tesla

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