Home Decor: Creating a Fall Arrangement

Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s October! Literally, the 3 best months of the year just started! Woo hoo! I get so excited for the next 3 months. So many fun things to look forward to. Today, I wanted to share a couple easy tips on how to create your own fall arrangement. Whether you want a big or small arrangement it’s definitely something than can be created for both and on any kind of budget.

I have made arrangements for $20 and $100 and they both look great! It’s really the materials you use to put them together and how you arrange it. Let’s get started!

1. Find a really good vase, jar, glass mason jar, galvanized pot, whatever your heart desires.

2. Start by finding your “height” first. I mean start by finding your tallest piece first and work your way down. I used the faux wheat for my tallest piece.

3. Next, find your focal point. Mine was this off white pumpkin. Finding a focal point early on, helps your process of filling in around the vase much easier.

4. Think about your color scheme and textures. Add a variety of texture and use cohesive colors for the arrangement to blend well. Here As you can see, I used a lot of the same hues for this arrangement but added in some dark purple for a good pop that still goes great together with the color scheme. Navy would have been nice here and I could have also used a darker orange.

5. Buy smaller “fillers.” You will need several of these to fill your spaces and holes that you have in the vase or in the bottom. I always make sure I buy at least 3 to fill the spacing (as you can see I added these around the bottom of the vase.)

That’s it! It’s an easy and effective way to add some fall decor to any area of your home. By using these simple steps you can make your own at home!! Or you can always call me of course! Haha 🙂 thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy! Xo Tesla

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