Home Decor: Fall Table Decor & how to make your own

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Today, I am sharing my super easy Fall table decor. A couple weeks ago at the Chandelier Barn Market, my mom bought me this awesome white washed basket. I knew I wanted to fill it with fall decor items but wasn’t sure if I wanted to display it on my coffee table or my kitchen table and decided the kitchen table was the best place because of the size of the basket.

How to make your own in 6 steps:

1. Get a wooden tray, basket, serving board, crate (whatever your heart desires)

2. Add color and a smooth texture to the bottom of the display by placing a linen napkin, blanket, piece of fabric, etc. This will add color and texture against the wooden table & basket .

3.Filling a display is all about height & balance. I first placed the large pumpkin in the center to give my display some height.

4. Next, to create balance; I added the medium sized pumpkins to off set the large center piece. This will balance out your display.

5. Lastly, the easy part! Fill in your holes. Greenery, small pumpkins, gords, anything small that you can fill your holes with will work great.

6. When creating a display, think about texture. Your display with a lot of items should always have a variety of textures. For this display, I have a wicker basket look with straw from the pumpkins, wool, velvet, a linen table napkin and greenery to add dimension.

Easy!! I love creating displays. Whether at a store, at home or for others this is such a joy! I hope you find joy in your displays as well 🙂 thanks for stopping by! Xo Tesla

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