Recipe: Mexican Layer dip

Hello friends! On my blog tonight I am sharing a very easy appetizer that everyone will love! This is one of Reed’s favorites so I make it often. This is so easy to do but it looks so pretty with all of the colors.


-1 taco seasoning packet

-1 8oz cream cheese

-1 can of refried beans

-1 container or homemade guacamole

-5 or 6 tomatoes chopped

-1/2 cup of shredded cheese

-black olives small container

-1 jalapeño chopped

-1 container of sour cream


-use 9×13 dish or pan

-mix the taco seasoning & the cream cheese ( I softened the cream cheese in the microwave just slightly) and stir in the refried beans into this mixture

-layer the bean mixture on bottom of your dish

-next, layer on the sour cream

-then, add a layer of the guacamole

-next, you can add salsa here but I use and like to chop up tomatoes so it doesn’t run into the dip. I think the tomatoes look better also! Just my preference here. Chop and layer on the tomatoes

-then lastly, layer on the shredded cheese

-the toppings can also be light or heavy depending what you want to add. I use sliced black olives & jalapeño but you can add green onion or cilantro etc

This is such an easy appetizer and you can serve this for a crowd with tortilla chips on the side! Easy & yummy! Enjoy and thanks for reading 🙂 xo Tesla

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